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12.7% of York's 1.1 million people live in poverty, including 14.8 per cent of youth. Markham-Unionville's has the highest poverty rate among it's 21,791 citizens.

Despite Vaughan's affluence, 12% of children live in poverty. 

Vaughan has an adult poverty rate of 10.1 per cent, and 12.5 per cent children

Newmarket-Aurora with 130,000 residents has 9.1 per cent of residents and 14.8 of children younger than 18 live in poverty.

Newcomers comprise more than one-thirsd of people living in poverty.

Projections suggest by 2031 eight of 10 York residents will have been born Outside of Canada.

All sources taken from Vaughan Citizen, Thursday Nov. 15, 2012, Poverty on rise in suburbia: Study By:  Chris Traber